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                        RICARDO M. TACAY                                               Founder



                    Karatedo, like other competitive combat sports, unites people of  diverse countries, religion and cultures. Veterans and neophytes alike share one common body language, a single spirit and one set of ideals. As such, we give premium to discipline, hardwork, fortitude, courage, perseverance and honor. But karatedo offers more than just the development  of the body. It brings about the transcendence of the human spirit over the body; mind over matter; the will power over one's physical limitation.

                  It aims  at the universal development of the total person and the attainment of values and virtues that make man what he truly is. The employment of maximum physical training is only a means and not the end. The body is trained for its ultimate purpose- the development of human spirit which determines what a person does to take full control of and be responsible with his actions.

                 For every karateka  worthy to be called a true disciple is he who believes and pracrtices the principles and ideals of karatedo, and become a shining example of virtues to all around him. Your tandem goals therefore are excellence of body and spirit that makes what it is to be a topnotch sportsman.... a worldclass karateka!

"MAN HAS A GREAT DEAL OF HIDDEN POWER OF WHICH HE IS NOT AWARE."        Headmaster Ricardo Tacay demonstrates his skill and power with Tamishawara (Art of breaking) of seven piles of construction hollow blocks by a gedan zuki downward punch) and 4, 5 blocks by atama tsuki (head smash) before the excited crowd.



         Tacay Shihan hits the pile of five (5) construction hollow blocks with atama uchi (head strike) while the Japanese kyukushin master and his Filipina wife are watching intensively.


        59 yrs. old PSKAI Headmaster Tacay with his 17 yrs. old son Rexor  with the famous Torii in Japan in the background.

"The ultimate aim of karatedo lies not on victory or defeat, but in the perfection of character"      

                             Gichin Funakoshi


  The PSKAI and the Challenge of Karate Education

          The Philippine Shotokan Karatedo Association  International or PSKAI as been constituted as  an organization that provides basic and advance training to its members and affiliate karate organizations. Under the PSKAI UMBRELLA, the members share basic beliefs. These are as follows:


  1. Karatedo or the “Way of Karate” promotes the total formation of the person’s physical, mental, spiritual and socio-cultural well- being, in other words, the total development of a person;
  1. Karatedo is not an end but a MEANS TO AN END which is the perfection of one’s self;
  1. The teaching of karatedo employs a wholistic approach; the physical and mental form, self-defense form, competitive sport form and the education in values form;
  1. It is the duty of every karateka to propagate karatedo as a way of life;
  1. Karatedo is dedicated to the service of God and mankind especially the underprivileged. 



Offers You. . .


  • The value of exercise beneficial to both having a sound physical and mental health.

  • Karate develops and enhances the body science. It tones the body, develops coordination, quickens reflexes and builds stamina.

So, one sees the body working together not as isolated components independent of each other. One sees how the body works-both outside and inside, then, one begins to understand some of the basic principles behind body mechanic, and thus develops proficiency in the keen coordination of mind and body.


        The serious practice of karate, however, develops TRANSCENDENTAL VALUES; clearer thought process, deeper insight into one’s spiritual capacities, composure and self-confidence.


         And since the ultimate aim of karatedo is the perfection of characters of its members, one sees his goals towards the possession of martial arts virtues: discipline, humility, prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude. After all, karate is not an end but A MEANS TO AN END which is the perfection of one’s self. And the Philippine Shotokan Karatedo Association International or PSKAI offers a holistic training and program to attain this goal.


                                                                                           RICARDO M. TACAY



       PSKAI  Headmaster Ricardo M. Tacay (at left side) is shown here together with other Asian karatedo leaders (masters from  Iran, Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, Japan & Chinese Taipei) during the Acquaintance Party among athletes and officials of the "2002 Indonesian (Asian) Karatedo Open" held  in Sahid Jaya Hotel in Jakarta. 


     2nd Eastern Visayas and Mindanao Karate Tournament         

  •    The winners which include Tacay (with X) and the Master, Shigei Shiroma (with X), who came from Naha,Okinawa to conduct technical seminar and  grace the event held sometime in 1967 at YMCA Gym, Cebu City. 




  •     The 11-man PSKAI team of Davao City  won the overall championship crown in this highly prestigious national karatedo event held on December 8-9, 2001 at the Gaisano Mall, Iloilo City. With Headmaster Tacay is his second cousin Don Jaime T. Torres (now deceased) who sponsored the said event.